Technical management at ship yard

Technical management

engineer working for technical management

The Red Star Shipping Ltd. Technical Management team supplies a competitive, cost efficient, safe and environment friendly technical service in order to meet the requirements of shipowners, flag states, port states, class societies and charterers in full compliance with the international regulations.

We are providing sustainable, first-class care to all vessels entrusted to us and thoroughly keeping our customers updated with transparent reporting and financial statements of the ships performance.

Red Star Shipping Ltd. grew up from an international Crew Management service provider to a full technical Ship Manager providing the full range of ship management services as well.

Quick growth and expansion is not our aim. We are standing for sure ship management procedures and staff that is able to provide sustainable, first-class support to our customers.

technical management inspection

Our technical team concentrates on:

  • Regular condition assessment
  • Planned and projected maintenance
  • Dry dock planning and supervision
  • Budget control
  • Certification, reviewing and auditing
  • Spare parts aquesition with our well established contacts with first-class suppliers, service providers, shipyards and workshops to ensure cost competitive services cost


Our ship management and maintenance system eases the workload on board as well as structuring the follow up by our superintendents and simplifying the supply orders and the financial reporting.

Management and maintenance needs a competent crew. As such we are keeping very close contact with each vessel and the onboard staff in order to be aware of the vessels condition and performance in a most efficient online modus.

engineer performs engine maintenance

Our company policy is to maintain constant communication to the crew on board in order to solve problems most likely before they occur. Having an open ear also for matters regarding personal issues.

Regular physical ship inspections ensure all guidelines and procedures for maintenance systems and repairs are strictly followed.

Budget targets have to be achieved! Thus through controlling and auditing all quality management processes, the maintenance plan and deliveries.