Ship Management

Ship Management

Red Star Shipping Ltd. as commercial Ship Managers assists in all matters of the employment of vessels.
We are analyzing, planning, scheduling the vessels voyage. Budgeting the vessels service periods as set by Owners.
Masters receiving their voyage instructions from our Nautical Fleet Manager.
On behalf of the Owners we are liaising with the Charterers.

Our technical department is arranging the bunkering and controlling the vessels performance and consumption.
Red Star Shipping Ltd. is monitoring the maintenance standards, advising the repairs and maintenance, purchasing spare parts in the most efficient way.
Keeping close track of all cost within the annual budget.
Our controllers are taking good care of all disbursements and doing the account analysis.

Ship Management Controlling

Technical Management

Our team ensures that our vessels are operated in a compliant, safe, reliable and efficient way.
The vessel performance and condition is monitored by our technical team through permanent ships reporting and regular detailed on-board inspections.
The ships energy efficiency is monitored through our bunker management plan which is highly efficient and most cost saving.

Ship Owners assets will be fully maintained, surveyed and audited in order to comply with all national and international regulations. The maintenance and budgeting for our ships are planned well in advance in a most cost effective and efficient way with our own in-house maintenance and spares purchase software. Detailed cost reports ensure the Owners to be fully informed of the financial status of each ship.

Regular meetings are held with Owners to discuss vessels performance under technical and financial aspects. These meetings allow us to propose upgrades to our customers in order to maximise efficiency and to comply with future legislation.
The supply of stores and spares are managed in a prompt and economic manner. This is one of the major points for good ship management.

Commercial Management

Ship Management Success
  • Assisting with the employment of vessel
  • Voyage analysis, monitoring, planning and scheduling
  • Voyage instructions to Masters
  • Charterer liaison
  • Bunkering
  • Vessel performance control
  • Laytime calculations
  • Disbursement accounts analysis
  • Invoicing and recovery of charter expenses billing
  • P&I/cargo claims
  • Commercial legal matters
  • Charter party disputes
  • Monthly and yearly accounting, budget monitoring, reporting
  • Yearly accounting per vessel
  • Budget scheduling