Crew Management

Crew Management

Ship crew at work on ship

Red Star Shipping Ltd. maintains its own seafarer pool and database with over 10,000 seafarers well coached and monitored in order to be ready for service at any time needed.
Top five rankings and ratings from Western Europe are available as well as from Eastern Europe and Asia. Quality seaman ready to serve on short notice.
Our shore personnel is based in Europe and Asia to support our seafarer and our customers at any time needed 24/7. The professional coaching and the close contact to our seafarers guarantees quality at all stages during the recruitment and manning process as well as during service or shore leave times.
Red Star Shipping only assigns crew to vessels based on the valid legal - and our own quality standards for all positions. It is the major role to meet the rising client requirements regarding crew qualifications and experience - continuously updated in line with nowadays changing legislation and industry demands.


Red Star Shipping Ltd. is an independent provider of global maritime services. People are our greatest asset and as such we are committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining the very best people, both at sea and ashore.
Ship crew at work on ship Our methods to search and select our employees are stringent to assure the required professional qualifications with the right personality and language skills to fit perfectly into the requested positions.
We use solid search and selection methods to ensure that our employees not only have the required professional qualifications, but also the required personality and language skills. In addition, we are fully committed to the professional development and education of all staff.
We are not only providing crew to our own Crewing or Technical management we are also well known as supplier of full or partial crews to all Shipowners and Managers operating their own vessels.
Each of our clients will be provided with a single point of contact with whom he will liaise directly to co-ordinate the supply of their crew.
Each client will have his own pool of Seafarers to ensure the on board continuity and familiarity with the clients ships management system.
We like to point out that “ad hoc” crew supply on “short notice” is one of our daily business.

Crew training


Training is an investment – it is not an expense! Our staff is fully committed to its professional development and education. Structured training and development programs to ensure that crew skills and knowledge are continuously updated and this in line with changing legislation and industry standards.
Red Star Shipping Ltd. has developed its own vessel training matrix specific to legal and client requirements - integrated into our crewing system. Outside of matrix training can be arranged on request and approval of our client. All trainings are recorded and monitored within to our crewing system. Refresher courses and license updates are controlled and supervised. Special skills are promoted.
To satisfy the growing demand for onboard training and to intensify and strengthen crew knowledge for safe operations we strongly demand continuous drills, trainings and exercises. An evaluation of the crew training needs is permanently held and monitored by the Management office and the Master on board. The training is tailored to the vessel type and crew members position.
The legal rules of SOLAS, MARPOL, ISPS, ISM and MLC as well as STCW 2010 Manila Amendments are recognized within all trainings and drills. Knowing that Shipowners, Managers and Operators are under constant pressure to demonstrate legal and safe operation to the authorities in all ports

English language and professional testing

The needs for English language skills are compulsory for the safety and a clear communication on board according to the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments.
Red Star Shipping Ltd. integrates Marlins tests into the global recruitment and training programs to ensure a standardized approach to language competency. Additional stress test, professional tests prior employment will be held on clients request.

Ship Payroll


For our customers we provide full payroll services, including and not limited to:

  • Organizing payroll for multiple companies
  • Record earnings, deductions and leave
  • Make payments via bank transfer or cash o/b
  • Accounting per ship / client / request
  • Yearly / monthly budget planning
  • Financial reports per ship / fleet / monthly / yearly
  • Monitoring leave incl. leave pay
  • Communicating with Owners / Seafarers for all accounting matters
  • Wage accounting with tax and social insurance payment on request
  • Single or multi currency payrolls

Travel, Logistics and Visas

Get the right crew to the right place at the right time. We arrange visa and travel logistics and accommodation to ensure timely and efficient crew changes. Our team acts efficient and cost saving at 24/7. It is experienced in problem solving which allows them to address any foreseen or unforeseen issues in a fast and effective manner. We are travel experts with a wealth of resources and experience.