Maritime Service

Crew Management

Red Star Shipping offers the full package of crew support as well as partial solutions according to your company needs.


Red Star Shipping is your independant partner and provider of crew and recruitment services with over 10.000 seafarers of Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia including top five rankings and ratings


Red Star Shipping develops training matrix for the crew specific to ship and legal requirements. All trainings, refresher courses and license updates are monitored and supervised.

English language and professional testing

Red Star Shipping ensures sufficient language skills of all crew members through tests and trainings


Red Star Shipping offers full payroll services with multi currency support. This includes e.g. monitoring of leave, making wage payments, wage accounting.

Travel, Logistics and Visas

Red Star Shipping offers full visa and travel logistics.

Technical management

Red Star Shipping provides a cost efficient, competitive, safe and environment friendly technical service.

Constant communication

By having a constant exchange with the crew on board, most problems can be solved before they occur.


Maintenance requires a capable and experienced crew. We keep in close contact with each ship and its crew to always be aware of the condition and performance of the ships.

Nautical Management

Red Star Shipping ensures compliance with national and international regulations for a safe working environment aboard. Another focus is on efficient route planning to minimize consumption and thereby protect the environment.

Safety and environmental protection

Red Star Shipping takes safety and environmental protection very seriously. For this we have e.g. created the following instructions: Ship Security Plan, Emergency Plan, Garbage Management, Shipboard Oil Pollution etc.

Guidelines for operation

Red Star Shipping has clear, easy-to-understand safety and environmental policies. These contain instructions for e.g. Save fuel and generate less CO2. New national or international regulations will be implemented as soon as possible.

Budget planning

Red Star Shipping provides and monitores the budget for safe and efficient ship operations.

Ship Management

Red Star Shipping schedules and analyzes vessel´s voyages and gives instructions to all concerned parties.

Vessels performance and consumption

Red Star Shipping monitores all parameters which affect efficiency of ship operation.

Detailed cost reports

Red Star Shipping prepares detailed cost reports for each ship to keep the owner informed about the financial status and current budget.

Commercial Management

Red Star Shipping´s commercial management service includes e.g. P&I claims, bunkering, laytime calculations, charterer liaison, budget planing etc.