Red Star Shipping Ltd.

Your independent partner for Maritime Services!
Red Star Shipping Ltd. is an independently - privately owned and operated family company since many years. Well known in the maritime sector. Our target is to ensure safe and most efficient ship operations. Hardly any industry places such high demands on its specialists as the maritime industry and its ship managers. Every successful ship manager lives from its expert teams, the efficient operation and the flexibility to react quickly and in the right way to always changing conditions. The right mix of experience, new technical- consolidated expertise and knowledge as well as fresh ideas are the best fuel for a successful ship operation.

Fast & flexible
We never put anything off until tomorrow; instead, we directly get to grips with the concerns of our clients. With our modern, electronic information structure we can come up with potentially suitable solutions in next to no time. Our transparently structured profiles allow clients reliably and quickly identify the data relevant for their assessments, there- by providing optimal support for preliminary decision making.